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Of Elves and Men

A World of Intrigue and Romance

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Name:Of Elves And Men
Website:Of Elves and Men
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This is the LiveJournal for the website Of Elves and Men. All OEAM Yahoo groups members are welcome to join as well as others. You will find the rules here.
As well as Tolkien fiction and LOTR movie RPF, we also now feature these fandoms:

Babylon 5
Dr. Who
Final Fantasy
Fringe (NEW)
Law and Order (all)
Legend of the Seeker (TV series and The Sword of Truth books)
NCIS - all (NEW)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Queer as Folk
Sherlock Holmes - all (NEW)
Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood (NEW)
Star Trek (all)
Stargate (any)

Others will be added soon.


Posting Guidelines


The first time you post, one of the moderators will create an author tag for you. After that please tag your story posts with your author tag. Also be sure to tag your stories with fandom, rating, and genre tags.


If you want the story and/or chapter that you're posting to the LiveJournal community to be archived from LJ, select the "archive: yes" tag. I will use this tag to grab stories for the archive (Please remember to use the archive header; it will speed the archiving of your story.). You can still send your stories to the archive email if you wish but I thought some of you would find this method easier. I will remove the tag after your post has been archived.

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Gentle Readers:

OEAM authors love and adore you, so please take the time to leave a few words for their efforts, be respectful, offer constructive criticism, and encouragement. Wanking and nastiness will not be tolerated. The first offense will be a warning shot across the bow, second will be banning. I realize that sometimes nastiness is a point-of-view, but in the end, it's the call of the moderators.

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